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Levenhuk Wise PLUS-monoculairen

Levenhuk Wise PLUS Monoculars are designed for those who appreciate optical instruments that are high quality and mobile. Fully multi-coated optics made of BaK-4 glass create a bright, clear, and sharp image in natural colors. The capabilities of these wide angle monoculars are truly outstanding: They allow you to observe birds and animals, enjoy architectural wonders when traveling, and watch sporting events. Thanks to the nitrogen gas inside the body, the monoculars are not afraid of high humidity, fog, or rain. The lenses won’t fog up even when the temperature changes rapidly! The shells are waterproof and coated with a rubber coating that is extremely pleasant to the touch. One more indisputable advantage of the Levenhuk Wise PLUS Monoculars is their super compact dimensions. These monoculars are even more compact than small pocket binoculars and, at the same time, can be compared to serious field binoculars by their technical characteristics. Whatever situation you find yourself in – Levenhuk Wise Plus monoculars will always be your loyal companion. Bright, but elegant packaging nicely complements the monocular’s design – your relatives, friends and colleagues will be pleased to receive such a wonderful gift.
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Levenhuk-monoculaire Wise PLUS 8x32

Vergroting: 8x. Diameter van objectieflens: 32 mm.

Whether you like walking or hiking, observing urban architecture or enjoying countryside landscapes, Levenhuk Wise PLUS 8x32 will become your trusted companion! 8x magnification power allows for easy and fast identificat...Meer
€ 44,95
Levenhuk-monoculaire Wise PLUS 8x42

Vergroting: 8x. Diameter van objectieflens: 42 mm.

Levenhuk Wise PLUS 8x42 Monocular is an ideal gift for any traveler or outdoor enthusiast! 8x magnification power is sufficient to observe very distant objects, and the wide field of view is perfect for panoramic observa...Meer
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Levenhuk-monoculaire Wise PLUS 10x42

Vergroting: 10x. Diameter van objectieflens: 42 mm.

Want to see more? Just take the Levenhuk Wise PLUS 10x42 Monocular with you! Its incredibly compact size means that it easily fits into a pocket or small purse. 10x magnification power is enough to observe considerably d...Meer
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