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Levenhuk Atom

A series of compact and lightweight monoculars for focused and landscape observations. This series includes models with fixed and smooth variable magnification. These monoculars are adaptable to a tripod. The optics are made of coated glass and deliver a high-quality image. Levenhuk Atom is a perfect choice for camping, fishing, or traveling.
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Levenhuk Atom 8x42 Monocular

Magnification: 8x. Objective lens diameter: 42mm

Levenhuk Atom 8x42 Monocular is an excellent optical instrument for studying nature and watching sports competitions at a stadium. Unlike binoculars with similar magnification, a monocular is more compact, lightweight, a...Meer
€ 19,95
Levenhuk Atom 10–30x30 Monocular

Magnification: 10–30x. Objective lens diameter: 30mm

Levenhuk Atom 10–30x30 is a monocular with smooth variable magnification in the range from 10x to 30x. This compact optical instrument will come in handy on any adventure. It is lightweight and easily fits in a jacket po...Meer
€ 24,95
Levenhuk Atom 10x42 Monocular

Magnification: 10x. Objective lens diameter: 42mm

Levenhuk Atom 10x42 Monocular is a great alternative to binoculars. It is more lightweight and compact. It features 10x magnification and is suitable for landscape observations. The best way to use this monocular is bird...Meer
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