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Levenhuk Blaze PLUS-spottingscopes

Top-class optics, ergonomic design and completely waterproof – these are the key features of the brand new Levenhuk Blaze PLUS spotting scopes. As compared to the spotting scopes of the predecessor series Levenhuk Blaze, Levenhuk Blaze PLUS optics and design have been improved even further. Optical elements in these scopes are made of BK-7 glass; the prism and lenses are fully coated. Each scope in the series is equipped with a professional-level removable metal eyepiece. All these features allow for producing sharp and crisp images in vivid natural colors. Every little detail of Levenhuk Blaze PLUS spotting scopes has been carefully designed to provide maximum observing comfort. Long eye relief of these models allows observations in eyeglasses and sunglasses. Select models in the series have angled eyepieces so the observer can use the instrument with even more comfort. All Levenhuk Blaze PLUS spotting scopes come in sturdy waterproof shells filled with nitrogen, so the optics won’t fog up even in unfavorable weather conditions. Be it fog, rain or snow, you can be sure to get clear and crisp views with Levenhuk Blaze PLUS. The kit includes a reliable metal table tripod so the image stays steady at all times. Levenhuk Blaze PLUS series of advanced spotting scopes is created for experienced users who value high quality and comfort!
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Levenhuk Blaze 50 PLUS spotting scope

Vergroting: 12-36x. Diameter van objectieflens: 50 mm.

Bird watching, traveling and tourism – with Levenhuk Blaze 50 PLUS Spotting Scope any outdoor activity will bring you even more vivid experiences! Advanced fully coated optics produce clear, sharp and crisp images. Wide ...Meer
€ 119,95
Levenhuk Blaze PLUS 50 Spotting Scope

Magnification: 13–40x. Objective lens diameter: 50 mm

Lenses in Levenhuk Blaze PLUS 50 are made of BK-7 optical glass and are covered with multiple layers of anti-reflective coating. A zoom objective lens allows for smooth magnification change in the range of 13x to 40x. Th...Meer
€ 109,95
Levenhuk Blaze PLUS 60 Spotting Scope

Magnification: 15–45x. Objective lens diameter: 60 mm

Levenhuk Blaze PLUS 60 Spotting Scope is a reliable and functional optical tool in a waterproof shell. Its main feature is a zoom objective lens, which enables you to change the magnification in the range of 15x to 45x. ...Meer
€ 144,95
Levenhuk Blaze PLUS 80 Spotting Scope

Magnification: 20–60x. Objective lens diameter: 80mm

Levenhuk Blaze PLUS 80 Spotting Scope is a powerful optical tool with excellent light-gathering power. It is designed for stationary observations and allows for setting up magnification in the range of 20x to 60x. This s...Meer
€ 244,95
Levenhuk Blaze PLUS 90 Spotting Scope

Magnification: 25–75x. Objective lens diameter: 90mm

Levenhuk Blaze PLUS 90 Spotting Scope is the most powerful high-aperture model in the series. You can change magnification in the range of 25x to 75x. The objective lens diameter is 90 mm. You can perform observations ev...Meer
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