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Levenhuk Spyglass

Levenhuk Spyglass Spotting Scopes combine stylish design with functionality. These optical devices will not just gather dust in your library or study. With one of these scopes, you will be able to learn more about natural landscapes, the weather, the habits of birds and animals, city views, sporting events and much more. Levenhuk Spyglass Spotting Scopes are distinguished by their retractable brass tubes, glass optics and leather covering.
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Levenhuk Spyglass SG2 Spotting Scope

Magnification: 12x. Objective lens diameter: 30mm

Levenhuk Spyglass SG2 Spotting Scope would be the perfect present for anyone who loves extraordinary and functional things. This stylish and sophisticated device resembles an antique spy glass. At the same time, it flawl...Meer
€ 39,95