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TableTop Telescopes

This section includes compact telescope models installed on TableTop tripods. A TableTop tripod features small size and light weight, which makes it the best companion for campouts and trips. These characteristics are also beneficial for small children – they can carry these instruments without parents’ help. Despite their compactness and lightness, they are very sturdy and reliable and provide a stable platform for the instrument.
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Levenhuk LabZZ D1 Telescope

Newtonian telescope. Primary mirror diameter: 76 mm. Focal length: 300 mm

Levenhuk LabZZ D1 Telescope is a compact Newtonian reflector on a Dobsonian mount. With this model, you can study the details of the lunar surface, the Solar system planets and even bright deep space objects. The optics ...Meer
€ 54,95
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Levenhuk-kit LabZZ MT2

Geschikt voor kinderen vanaf 6 jaar oud

Een schat aan interessante ontdekkingen wacht op uw kind met de Levenhuk LabZZ MT2 microscoop & Telescoop Kit ! De kit bevat een biologische microscoop met een set experimenten en een 50 mm refractor telescoop. ...Meer
€ 44,95
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