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Newest additions to the Levenhuk solar filters range


Dear visitors!

We are happy to inform you that we have updated the Levenhuk solar filters lineup with two brand new models: Levenhuk Solar Filter for 105mm MAK Telescopes and Levenhuk Solar Filter for 130mm Reflector Telescopes. With these filters you can observe the Sun safely and study its surface at any magnification.

Levenhuk solar filters are made of Baader Planetarium AstroSolar Visual film. The film has a reflective property of 99.999%, reduces intensity of the sunlight and thereby allows for harmless observations of solar activity. Levenhuk solar filters come in several sizes for telescopes of different apertures. As of now, Levenhuk product range includes nine solar filters covering the most common telescope types.

Solar observations with Levenhuk solar filters are a unique opportunity to study the surface of the Sun in detail at 60x magnification power. Correct color rendition and high quality of resulting image allow you to see granulation, discover sunspots and solar faculae.

If you plan on observing the Sun's surface, the Levenhuk solar filter is an absolute must-have. Remember that one should never observe the Sun without a professionally made solar filter that completely covers the front of the instrument; otherwise, permanent eye damage may result.

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