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We are happy to announce the new series of Levenhuk magnifiers: Zeno Gem and Zeno Desk


Dear visitors!

We are pleased to introduce our newest compact magnifiers of the Levenhuk Zeno Gem and Levenhuk Zeno Desk series. They are already available for purchase.

The compact Levenhuk Zeno Gem magnifiers are designed for examining small objects. The magnifier is quite small and lightweight; that is why it is easy to take it with you to the office, a business meeting or a shopping center. The magnifiers of this series will be helpful for reading price labels and examining product details or small defects. Most models include a built-in illumination for working in insufficient light conditions.

Levenhuk Zeno Desk models are perfect for working with jewelry, print boards or scale models. They will also be helpful for those who love embroidery, handicrafts, and reading. The large-diameter lenses are convenient for longtime work, and the built-in illumination is effective for working in poor light conditions, and even in darkness.

The range of the popular Zeno Vizor series has also expanded; three new magnifiers are on sale now: Zeno Vizor G0, Zeno Vizor G4 and Zeno Vizor H4.

You will find the whole list of our magnifiers on this page.

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