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New Levenhuk S series microscopes and a useful accessory for experienced microbiologists


We present two new school microscopes designed especially for beginner explorers of the micro world – Levenhuk 5S NG and Levenhuk 7S NG . The optics are made of glass; the bodies are made of sturdy metal. These optical microscopes are reliable and durable. The main feature – they are wonderful for exploring prepared microscope slides, studying one-cell protozoa and performing scientific experiments.

Levenhuk 5S NG Microscope provides magnification from 40x to 500x, Levenhuk 7S NG allows for observing the microscope slides with 800x magnification. Both microscopes feature mirrors as illuminators, but illumination systems differ slightly. In Levenhuk 5S NG, an optical beam is adjusted by a standard diaphragm disk while in Levenhuk 7S NG contains an Abbe condenser and an iris diaphragm with light filters. There are differences between the microscope stages: Levenhuk 5S NG comes with standard stage clips while Levenhuk 7S NG comes with a mechanical scale.

An accessory for experienced microbiologists is already available – Levenhuk MS3 Mechanical Scale . It can be installed on many Levenhuk biological microscopes with metal bodies. The MS3 Mechanical Scale is used for moving the microscope slides on the stage and determining the coordinates of their most interesting areas.

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