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Introducing new products: six new Levenhuk Broadway Opera Glasses


We are happy to introduce new products by Levenhuk - six new popular Levenhuk Broadway Opera Glasses. All the binoculars feature high-quality optics, durable lightweight metal bodies, and an elegant design. Levenhuk Broadway models are supplied in a beautiful white gift box with a Venetian mask on it. These opera glasses will become great gifts and bring their owners vivid impressions.

Levenhuk Broadway 325C Amethyst, Blue Wave, and Lime with chain are elegant opera glasses with high-quality optics. An unusual color of the body will fit your individuality, and the optical opportunities of the binoculars allow for comfortable observing even a very long play.

Levenhuk Broadway 325L Lime, Levenhuk Amethyst, and Blue Wave Lorgnette Opera Glasses will become your loyal companions in a theater, picture gallery, or at a concert. These binoculars with 3x magnification and a wide field of view are practical for observing architectural details or a parking landscape.

The binoculars-lorgnettes feature a foldable telescopic handle. A durable handle is quickly extended and fixed in a convenient position. The binoculars feature a wide field of view and 3x magnification. Find all Levenhuk Broadway models on this page.

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