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New Levenhuk LabZZ Prepared Slides Sets are already available


We are excited to introduce new Levenhuk LabZZ Prepared Slides Sets. This series includes products for kids and teenagers, including bright and reliable optical instruments and accessories.

Levenhuk LabZZ CP24 Creatures & Plants Prepared Slides Set includes 24 thoroughly prepared transparent specimens for observations in the transmitted light. A large set includes 6 slides, each one includes 4 specimens. It is suitable for zoology, entomology, and botany lessons.

Levenhuk LabZZ C12 Creatures Prepared Slides Set includes 12 specimens. They are arranged into groups of 4 and placed on 3 slides. Among transparent specimens there are insects, daphnias, and a shrimp egg. Levenhuk LabZZ P12 Plants Prepared Slides Set includes ficus leaf, peanut stem, lily pollen, and more.

Find all of the prepared slides sets in this section.

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