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28.03.2019 The list of Levenhuk dealers in Europe is growing

Levenhuk welcomes a new dealer in the Netherlands this month

25.02.2019 Professional optics for everyone: Levenhuk Monaco ED Binoculars will take you to a new level of impressions!

New binoculars series by the popular brand is already available!

25.02.2019 New Levenhuk LabZZ Prepared Slides Sets are already available

Useful accessories for biological microscopes

10.01.2019 A new Levenhuk LabZZ SP10 Astroplanetarium is available in our online store

A compact planetarium with two slides for home use

10.01.2019 Introducing a new item: Levenhuk LabZZ BC10 Bug Collector

The kit for quick and safe collecting of small insects

12.12.2018 Levenhuk Skyline Telescopes update

New telescopes for breathtaking astronomy observations

30.11.2018 New wonderful items – Levenhuk Blaze PLUS Spotting Scopes

A new series of powerful spotting scopes is already available

30.11.2018 Powerful new Levenhuk Blaze PRO Spotting Scopes are already available

Try high-aperture spotting scopes with smooth variable magnification

29.11.2018 Levenhuk magnifiers: popular series and new products update!

We introduce 15 new magnifiers by the world-known brand!

29.11.2018 Introducing new products by Levenhuk: universal tripods for optical equipment

Suitable for any optical tool with a 1/4" thread

29.11.2018 Find answers to frequently asked questions about binoculars

Learn more about binoculars in a useful new review

09.11.2018 New reviews on Levenhuk products on

Find new reviews on our telescopes and binoculars

08.11.2018 Levenhuk umbrellas with an astronomy print are already available now!

New products are available in our online store

07.11.2018 Levenhuk MED laboratory microscopes take you to a new level of professional observations of the micro world!

Levenhuk MED 900 and MED 1000 Microscopes and accessories are already available

24.10.2018 A new, detailed review on Levenhuk Bruno PLUS 15x70 Binoculars

Check out a new review at

04.10.2018 The new Levenhuk LabZZ Tellurion is already available

Quality visual aid for studying geography and astronomy

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