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19.03.2018 A new useful review “Eye under a microscope: insects’ photo”

Find out how entertaining it is to study eyes for microbiologists

16.03.2018 An interesting new review “How does hair look like under a microscope?”

Learn how different hair types appear under high magnification

14.03.2018 A useful new review for beginner microbiologists on what a microscope consists of

Read about the parts of an optical microscope

12.03.2018 A new review for explorers of the micro world

Learn about proper observing of a spider under a microscope

06.03.2018 Useful new review on history of a refracting telescope

Find a useful new review on how the optical scheme of a refractor has changed over the years

05.03.2018 New interesting review on binoculars’ optical scheme history

Read a useful new review on the optical scheme of binoculars and how it has changed

16.02.2018 New Levenhuk S series microscopes and a useful accessory for experienced microbiologists

Levenhuk microscope eyepieces range expansion

16.02.2018 Levenhuk Rainbow – new wide field eyepieces for microscopes

Levenhuk microscope eyepieces range expansion

29.01.2018 Levenhuk is participating in Kids’ Time 2018 exhibition in Poland.

The exhibition will take place in Kielce, Poland, from 21 to 23 February 2018

09.01.2018 Levenhuk welcomes you on our official website in 2018!

We are happy that you chose our brand!

29.11.2017 New Levenhuk branch office in Hungary

Official announcement of the Levenhuk Hungary branch office

23.11.2017 Useful Articles on Best Telescopes Review

Read four new reviews on the best telescopes for different purposes

09.11.2017 Brand new floating strap for binoculars is available to purchase

New product is on the website now!

09.11.2017 Levenhuk Rainbow WF10x – new wide field eyepiece for microscopes

Levenhuk microscope eyepieces range expansion

06.10.2017 Large update of LabZZ series for kids

Levenhuk announces a big update of LabZZ series for the beginning of the new school year

06.10.2017 New Levenhuk telescopes, compass and spotting scope are available to buy

New products and product series are available on our website

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